we create efficient travel tools and services for the development of the business of our clients. combining the market, we form the modern culture of the industry of business tourism
we are a team of present professionals who love their work and live in general business our company - employer number one on the market of business tourism in russia we create trends on russian and international markets of business tourism

Being proactive means seeing opportunities for development in any problems. In order to achieve ambitious goals, we are ready to try new things and be creative in how we do business. Acting proactively is to be proactive, not to complain about circumstances, but to propose solutions.

a responsibility

Responsibility is the basis of trust, the main resource of any relationship, both in a team and with a customer. To increase the level of trust, we are attentive to the expectations of our internal and external clients and we value our promises. As a successful company, we believe in the importance of social responsibility and care for those who need help.


We know that real teamwork always gives more than individual efforts. A team approach is the ability to unite around a goal, to listen, understand and even work together in difficult situations. Be honest and respect who is near


Professionalism is a constant striving for excellence in everything we do. This is not just a deep knowledge of the subject, but the ability to choose the right tools leading to the achievement of the goal. Real professionals constantly strive for new things, even a mistake for them is an opportunity to learn.

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