zelenski corporate travel solutions (zcts) company is presented on the market of business travels from 1997
During this time, ZCTS has become one of the industry leaders, the exclusive partner of Egencia, an EXPEDIA INC. Company in Russia. This partnership is a guarantor of the provision of services in accordance with international standards, re-certification is held every year.
Among the priorities of ZCTS-EGENCIA Russia are consulting and analytical assistance in optimizing and saving on business travel through competent travel management.

My business is my life. I'm not ashamed to work in the company that bears my name, because apart from me there are still 400 of these professionals. I really appreciate it. We have helped thousands of professionals from different areas of business plan and conduct corporate and personal travel, and participate in corporate events and celebrations organized by professionals Zelenski Corporate Travel Solutions, for more than 20 years of work. Thank you that you are with us and help us to make the Russian business successfully and effectively. Vadim Zelensky

The basis of technological leadership has become the in-house development of an integrated online travel management system, ZCTS-Online. The system fully satisfies the needs and requirements of a corporate client, being an analogue of online booking systems widely used in the modern world.
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integrated use of development and experience of our company will allow:
Transfer the travel approval system to a single travel management system. Additionally, the system will allow you to customize the travel approval scheme, which will reduce the workflow.
Minimize the loading of the client’s human resources by automating most processes.
Make the process transparent for internal control and financial services.
Accelerate the process of ordering as well as the travel report for employees.
The system will allow you to reflect the rules and regulations of the regulations on sending and control their implementation.
The experience of ZCTS will reduce the budget for secondment by 45%. This reduction is carried out through detailed analytics from our specialists, as well as recommendations that we provide on a monthly basis.
At the initial stage, ZCTS specialists will audit the regulations on secondment, as well as an audit of contracts with suppliers, if any. Following the results, recommendations will be made on concluding tripartite agreements, which will also lead to a reduction in the budget for travel or will be an additional bonus.
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