travel strategies that really work
Zelenski Corporate Travel Solutions is one of the leading companies in the business services market with over 20 years of experience.
our customers annually save up to 45% on business trips and travels, receiving the best prices and high quality service
The business travel agency "Zelenski Corporate Travel Solutions" specializes in reducing travel expenses and saving the Customer time by optimizing travel and business travel expenses.
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Own procurement management tools that include more than 2500 service providers, analytics, reporting and more
global network
65 representative offices in various countries of the world and 8 own offices in the Russian Federation
We have been building an open and transparent business for 20 years, providing savings to clients through travel management innovation.
The organization of business travel
— is a key activity of ZCTS. For more than 20 years, the company has been engaged in arranging travel on a turnkey basis
booking air tickets
train tickets
transfers and renting cars without drivers
passport and visa services
concierge service
team building
VIP airport service
incentive trips
and other corporate events in Russia and abroad.

Work on EGENCIA global quality standards

Successful passing of annual certifications according to international standards

96.4% overall customer satisfaction (Global survey)

98.8% level of compliance with client requirements (Global SLA)

Since 2011, business travel agency Zelenski Corporate Travel Solutions has been the only Russian partner of EGENCIA an Expedia Inc. Company.
Thanks to many years of cooperation with one of the leaders of business travel in the world, as well as ZCTS-ONLINE’s own development, the business travel agency Zelenski Corporate Travel Solutions offers a unique technical solution for the efficient management of business trips.
The ZCTS-ONLINE system allows you to control the budget of travel expenses, adjust access and authorization levels, keep track of travel policies of the Customer’s company, coordinate travel online, manage reservations 24/7, and quickly receive closing documents.
The care of its travelers ZCTS-Egenсia Russia trust more than 2000 russian companies
Industrial company

140 000 000

Cashless payment, but there is no single supplier. Extensive branch network. The mission is handled by the administrative department - separately in each office. General statistics is maintained only at the level of reporting documents. Own travel policy with a key indicator - the limit on grades. The condition of the tender is to combine all trips under a single supplier and minimize costs.

Trade company

34 000 000

An extensive branch network with a central office in the region. The secretary is engaged in business trips - separately in each office. General statistics is maintained only at the level of reporting documents. Payment in cash to all suppliers, funds are issued to each dispatched separately. There is no single supplier. Policy on the organization.

Company with state participation

96 000 000

The desire to understand what is online (OBT - online booking tool) and implement / customize for themselves. The condition is a clear and accessible online platform. The ability to make your own settings. Ability to work in the system of more than 900 employees. costs

Unique solution for efficient business travel management, optimization and reduction of travel expenses
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