Passport & visa services

ZCTS is an accredited agency of the major foreign embassies, which allows to offer corporate customers direct cost effective business and tourist visa support services.
  • Invitations for foreign citizens to apply for Russian visa;
  • Visas for Russian citizens in foreign Consulates;
  • International passports for Russian citizens;

Visa service for Russian citizens

Service fee for 1 passport 1840RUR. Rates are quoted in Rubles, including VAT 18% and excluding consular fee.

Service fee includes:
  • Delivery/ receipt of documents to / from the embassy by a ZCTS courier service (for corporate customers only);
  • Providing a traveler with the list of documents and visa application forms, consulting on correct preparing visa applications;
  • Traveler informing of the application processing status (or whether any additional documents are required);
  • ZCTS P&V specialist accompanies a traveler to the embassy (if needed), provides consulting services and information support during preparing for an interview;
  • Documents delivery to a customer office (for corporate clients only).

Ordinary passport of the Russian Federation

Consulting services on applying for Regular international passport for Russian citizens:

Услуга включает в себя:
  • Получение документов от клиента с помощью курьерской службы ZCTS (только для корпоративных клиентов);
  • Предоставление необходимых форм, заявлений;
  • Консультации по заполнению необходимых форм, заявлений;
  • Оплату государственных пошлин;
  • Подача/ получение документов в государственных органах;
  • Доставка готовых документов клиенту курьерской службой ZCTS (только для корпоративных клиентов).

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