Business Aviation

Private charter flight - in contrast to regular flights, gives a total independence from airlines schedule and strictly defined routes. It gives a right to choose a destination, date and time of flight, type of aircraft and on-board catering. Such aircraft has a telephone and internet access, which allows always stay in touch with your business.

ZCTS has established strong partnerships with Russian and foreign airlines, which proved successful experience of arranging charter flights on different types of aircraft. This partnership allows ZCTS to organize air transportation in short time with a high level of safety and service.

Collecting great experience in organizing flights on business aircraft, ZCTS helps you to select the best solution for the flight in terms of transportation cost and safety.

In addition to other benefits, cost for the rental of such a flight could be cheaper in comparison with purchase of a business class tickets for the route, if the number of passengers match the maximum capacity of the aircraft

Total cost of the flight is calculated individually depending on many
parameters (distance and duration of the flight, type of aircraft,
number of passengers, etc).

ZCTS offers private flights organization on different types of aircraft (business jets):

  • Light

    5-8 passenger seats, cruise speed 750-820 km/hour, maximum range without refueling 2000 – 3000 km
    Beechjet 400, Citation-Bravo, Citation-Ultra, Citation Jet, Citation-I, -II, -SII, Falcon-10, Learjet-24, −25, −31, −35, −36, SJ30-2 and etc;
  • Middle

    5-10 passenger seats, cruise speed 750-850 km/hour, maximum range without refueling 2500 – 5500 km
    Citation-III, — VI, -VII, Citation-Excel, Falcon-20, Hawker-400, −700, −800, 800XP, −1000, Learjet-45, −55, −60 and etc;
  • Heavy

    5-18 passenger seats, cruise speed 750-820 km/hour, maximum range without refueling 2000 – 3000 km
    Challenger-600, −601, −604, -Special Edition, D328 Jet, Falcon-50, −50EX, −2000, −2000EX, −900, −900EX, Citation-X, Gulfstream-100, −200, -II, -III, -IV, -IVSP, -V, -VSP;
  • Ultra Long Range

    12-50 passenger seats, cruise speed 800-850 km/hour, maximum range without refueling – up to13500 km
    Boeing Business Jet, Airbus Corporate Jetliner, Global Express;

And on Russian build aircraft either:


    63 passengers seat, VIP-room for 15 passengers, private room for the main passenger
  • Tupolev-134 (VIP)

    2 VIP lounges (11 and 5 passenger seats), business-lounge (20 passenger seats), cruise speed 750 km/hour. Maximum range without refueling – up to 3300 km/ hour.

    14 passenger seats, cruise speed 450 km/hour, Maximum range without refueling – up to 2300 km.

    107 passenger seats